Custom Widgets

Interactive widgets customized to boost user engagement and site functionality...

Interactive Product Carousels

Enhance product visibility and engagement with dynamic carousels that showcase featured, new, or best-selling items.


  • Design Consultation:
    Understand your product display needs and design preferences.
  • Custom Development:
    Build a responsive and interactive carousel tailored to your store’s design.
  • Implementation and Testing:
    Integrate the carousel into your store and ensure it operates smoothly across all devices.

Live Chat Widgets

Improve customer service and increase sales conversion rates with a live chat widget that allows real-time interaction with visitors.


  • Requirement Analysis:
    Discuss your customer service goals and chat widget features.
  • Widget Customization:
    Customize the look and functionality of the chat widget to align with your store’s branding.
  • Integration and Optimization:
    Seamlessly integrate the chat widget and ensure optimal performance for user interactions.

Custom Sliders and Banners

Capture attention with custom sliders and banners that promote special offers, events, or important information.


  • Creative Briefing:
    Gather your promotional goals and design ideas.
  • Slider/Banner Creation:
    Design and develop engaging sliders or banners that resonate with your audience.
  • Deployment and Adjustment:
    Implement them into your store and make adjustments as needed for optimal display.

Why Choose for Your Widget Needs?

  • Enhanced Engagement:
    Our widgets are designed to enhance user interaction and improve the overall shopping experience.
  • Custom Tailored:
    Each widget is custom-developed to meet your specific needs and seamlessly fit into your store’s layout.
  • Professional Integration:
    We ensure that all widgets not only look great but also function perfectly within your PrestaShop environment.

Elevate Your Store's Functionality and Design Today!

Get in touch with us at PrestaExperts to discuss how our custom widgets can make your online store more interactive, engaging, and effective. Whether you need product carousels, live chat support, or promotional sliders, our team is ready to help you enhance your customer's shopping experience.

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